Education is the word which defines and differentiate human and animals. Why are we called human? The simple answer is because we are literate.

Literacy basically means education ruled time, managed, leadership, respect for yourself and others as well.

Acharya Vinoba Bhave once said – “Illiteracy is a sin if you keep the illiterate in the category of humans”.

The question arise in today world when every thing is growing rapidly and spontaneously why not get educated.

It doesn’t what caste, creed, colors, state, country, you belongs to the basic logic is literacy.
We at Ashoka Academy (recognised by CBSE) are reputed in western U.P. even in other parts as well. The past 41 years of this establishment have proved that in rat race of earning in among we have made several enraptures for the nation.

Being the founder and chairman of the organization, I request and honor your cooperation for the years passed and far very bright and fruitful, today and forever.

K. D. Sharma